8 Servo Controller is unresponsive if line break detected

I have an 8 Servo Controller part #727. I’m running only one servo right now, and I have control over it, everything works fine up until I break the connection. Once I unplug and plug the serial cable back in, the Pololu module remains unresponsive until I reboot the Pololu module. Can anyone help me with this, I would like regain control of the servos after a line break has occured this is VERY important. Any suggestions would help.

Pololu Mode
Baud Rate: 38400
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Flow Control: None
No Jumper for DTR/RTS
Programming language: Labview


I think I talked to you this morning. The main thing you can do with the stock unit is to monitor the echoes back and to reset the processor with a handshaking line if the echoes stop. Depending on you application, it might also make sense for us to customize a version for you to do whatever you want in various error conditions.

- Jan