8-Servo Controller Failure

I had a 8-servo controller for a little over an hour. I had to reboot my computer. When the computer came back up after the reboot the 8-servo controller was not longer working. No yellow light, no red light and no green light. Iā€™m powering the controller and the servo with a 6 VDC 3.5 amp regulated power supply. Anyone have any ideas on what cause the controller to fail during a computer reboot? :neutral_face:


Did your servo controller work properly for the hour you used it? It sounds like the reset jumper might be holding the servo controller in a reset. Have you tried removing the jumper?

By the way, unless you have a specific reason for using that servo controller, we strongly recommend using one of our newer Maestro servo controllers instead.


I did not check the reset jumper. In the meantime I purchased a Maestro 6-channel Controller which as everyone has stated works better.