6mm motor shaft diameters is hard to find pulleys for

So I’ve speced out the motor I want which has a 6MM Shaft… I need a 1" raduis pulley… no where can I find one with a 6mm shaft…

Only 5mm … that seems to be the sweet spot… what I’m a missing…ther are some 6.35mm bore pulleys but almost no 6mm… how can I get around this?


Are you looking for a timing pulley (i.e. a pulley that you might use with a belt), or are you looking for a winch pulley (i.e. a pulley acting as a spool to wrap a rope or wire around)?

If you cannot find a pulley with the correct bore size, one work around is to get a pulley with a smaller bore and then drill it out to the right size. Alternatively, you could get a pulley with a larger bore, then mount it using one of our Universal Mounting Hubs for 6mm shafts, which might require drilling some mounting holes in the pulley.

Another option might be to use a shaft coupler , like this ServoCity adapter.

- Patrick

Hello there…I’m looking for a timing pulley…need on approx 2" in diameter… minimum size would be 1.75" in diameter…

I think ServoCity would be a good place to look for that. For a pulley that size, you will probably need to look at their hub mounted pulleys and then find a compatible hub with a 6mm boar.

McMaster-Carr might also have some options.

- Patrick