6 channel micro maestro servo problems

Hi please could I have some help with my 6 channel micro maestro.

I have been using it to control 4 tg9e servo motors. I had been using the micro maestro control centre for a few hours today to create movement sequences for my servos.

Unfortunately during playing back one of my sequences the servo’s just went berserk moving to the furthest position that they could.
This now happens every time I plug the power for my servos into the board and I am unable to use it. Please could I have some help as I do not understand how it could be fine one minute and unusable the next.

I have tried restarting the device, setting to defaults, upgrading firmware and none have helped.

I have noticed that I get the error code 0x0000 in the top corner of my control center window I have searched to try and find what it means or how to remove it but haven’t been able to.


From your description, it sounds like you might have damaged your servos, possibly by commanding them past their limits. Can you try manually changing the servo position using the slider control under the “Status” tab in the Maestro Control Center? If that does not work, can you try a different servo and see if that works? If the original servos don’t work with the slider, but the new servo does, you could post more information about your setup when the servos were broken like what positions you were sending them to when they stopped working as expected, and I might be able to help figure out how they were damaged.