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5v to 3.3v voltage circuit, the input is 5v, the output is not 3.3V, what could be the problem?

The input is 5V, if l7805CV is not connected to NCP1117-3.3V, only 4V multi-point voltage will come out. If it is connected, the final output of NCP1117-3.3V is only about 2.3V? The L7805CV is around 3.5V, can anyone give pointers? The L7805cv circuit is copied from the actual circuit board, and finally, power is supplied to the DSP. Is it because of the capacitance problem? And if you need to refer more, here is the l7805cv product article.L7805CV Voltage Regulator: L7805CV Pinout, Datasheet and Features

Looking forward to your kind help.

Yours sincerely,
Tessie Swift.