5V Step-Up Voltage Regulator U1V11F5 on supercap

Can the Pololu 5V Step-Up Voltage Regulator U1V11F5 be use regulate a fully charge 400F 2.7v Supercapacitor ? Please advice.


That regulator can boost input voltages as low as 0.5V. However, we have not tried our regulators with super capacitors and I am not sure how well they would work with them. If you do decide to try it, we would love to hear about how it turns out.

- Jeremy

Supercapacitor can output very high current. Base on spec., the reg. have max input current = 1.2A. Does this mean it will limit current to 1.2A or does it mean the reg. will blow if input current exceed 1.2A ?

There is this line in the document that says -->

" If the input current exceeds the switch current limit (typically somewhere between 1.2 and 1.5 A), the output voltage will begin to drop."

  • does that mean high input current will mess up the regulation ? Any solution for it…

Please advice.

The input current is affected by the current draw of your load as well as the input voltage. To get an idea of the amount of current the regulator can supply at various input voltages, you can refer to the chart found in the “Typical Efficiency and Output Current” section on the U1V11F5 product page.

When the input current exceeds 1.2 A, the regulator is no longer able to regulate properly, and the output voltage drops. This is a built in limitation of the chip. If you need to source more current, you might try looking for a higher power regulator.

- Jeremy