5v step-up/step-down with -19 negative voltage rail?

Hi there - I’m rather new to voltage regulators, being a hobbyist who repairs and modifies hand-held gaming consoles like the Game Boy.

I’m running into failing DC-DC converter boards and would like to explore modern replacements, but I can’t seem to find data sheets on the regulators from Pololu. I’ve been using Pololu regulators for other modifications, and this is my first look into the stock DC-board replacement.

Are there any Pololu 5v step-up/step-down regulators that would meet these specs?
• -19v on the negative voltage rail
• Output: 1.5A (preferably more)
• Input voltage between ~2v and 7v (at least)

Most notably I can’t find negative voltage information which is key in this effort.

The S18V20F5 looks perhaps close, if I knew the negative voltage capability.

Thanks for any tips!


None of our regulators are designed to output negative voltages. If that is not what you mean, could you describe more about what you are trying to do?


Hi Tony - I asked in the forums since I didn’t expect the emailed support to get into details, sorry for the confusion.

The stock DC-board of an original Game Boy is really just a DC-DC convertor that outputs 5v to power the system but also uses a -19v negative voltage rail as the LCD display bias. Why it does this, I’m not sure, but I know that as the negative rail goes from -19v and starts getting to -15v, some very odd display things occur.

I’ve since writing earlier heard that some hobbyists might create a board that does it.

In short it sounds like this isn’t a typical behavior that I’ll just be able to buy and replace the stock one.

Thanks, still, for the support and great products. I exclusively use Pololu regulators in all my customized consoles.