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5V Step-Up S10V4F5 datasheet and schematic


I am looking for the datasheet and schematic of the Pololu 5V step-up/step-down voltage regulator S10V4F5. it is not on the Poll website and I cannot find it on other sites. Any suggestions for where to look?




We do not share our schematics or any datasheets for those regulators. We try to put all of the information you might need to operate the regulator on its product page; is there some information you need to use it that is not provided?




Yes, I am trying to create a custom PCB and I use your 5V regulator in my overall circuit. Could you provide me with the information I would need to incorporate the 5V regulator into my PCB design?



Hi, Katie.

If you are looking to add our regulator as a daughter board, you might find our DXF drill guide under the “Resources” tab of the regulator’s product page helpful for getting the dimensions correct.