5v square wave to PWM

Hello, I’m looking to use a micro maestro if possible to convert 5v square wave at 1.9ms as an input to control a single servo? Is this possible using a micro maestro? If so could you provide a basic script?

Thank you so much.


What is the typical turn around for a reply? I tried to call pololu, there is not a living person to talk to. I left a message and no response. I was hoping this was an easy question for someone to answer. Can someone suggest a way to get help more efficiently?

Hello, Tom.

Unfortunately, we are not currently offering tech support over the phone; the best way to ask tech support questions is using the forum or by email. We usually respond to emails and forum posts within one business day.

It is not practical to use the Maestro to read a signal like that, but if you can tell me more about the signal and how you want to use it, then I might be able to offer some alternative suggestions. Is it some kind of hobby RC servo signal?

- Patrick

thank you for the quick reply. I am trying to build a quick prototype part for a test. I have used thousands of the micro maestros in my past products. I would love to have a private chat so I’m not spreading my private information over an open forum. In easy words yes I’m trying to control an rc servo using 5v square wave. I have left messages and emails. Hopefully someone can take a min to answer a few simple questions.