5v 1A Step-Down Voltage RegulatorD24V10F5 wiring

I just bought a Pololu 5v, 1A Step-Down Voltage Regulator D24V10F5 to power my RC Racing quad’s 5v video transmitter.(Pololu is highly recommended in forums as a quality unit) I’m familiar with positive/ negative in, and positive/ negative out to wire step down units. How do I connected it to stay connected all the time to power my 5v video transmitter? I’d like to power the incoming side from my 12v source on the PDB in the quad. Thanks very much for any input! Tom

Hello, Tom.

On this regulator, the ground pin (GND) is shared between the voltage input and output. You could solder two wires to this pin; one wire to serve as the negative connection for the voltage input and the other wire to serve as the negative output connection that goes to the video transmitter. You can leave the PG and SHDN pins unconnected, unless you need the advanced functionality. If you are still unsure how to wire everything together, you can post a wiring diagram of the connections you plan to make and I would be happy to look it over.