5th METU Robotics Days @Ankara/TURKEY

If you want to see the developments in robotics, learn how to make a simple robot, and compete your own robots with others, don’t miss METU ROBOTICS DAYS! In order to participate in the competitions and join the workshop study, sign up now from the website of organisation! Robotics Days, the oldest and the most well-known robotics organization in Turkey, is INTERNATIONAL for first time, this year. First international robotics organization in Turkey will be held form 21st to the 23rd of March in Ankara, Middle East Technical University (METU) Culture & Convention Center.

In METU Robotics Days, there will be robot competitions from different categories which original and creative ideas take their part while innovation is honored. Participants are always encouraged to share their knowledge. Robotics Days, apart from holding competitions for those who would like to challenge their skilled robots, also host the professionals and academicians interested in the field of robotics to come together in lectures and workshop studies with the younger amateurs, giving them the opportunity to take a closer to look at this continiously developing technology.

METU Robotics Days is an activity in which the first aim is to help people to have an idea about the robotics. We invite you if you are interested… Come and join us as we Enjoy the Technology…!