5A Motor Driver and 27AC to DC Converter

I have a DC motor with reduction gears which is working @27V and in normal conditions it draws 2amper. But when it is stucked it can consumes more power. So I want to control it with a 5A motor controller like L293…

And also I have a transformator with output voltage is ~27V and ~18V. Is an 5A diode and some mF condansator can convert it to DC to control the Motor?

I’m waiting your replies…
Thanks in advance…


The L293 will not do 5A. I do not know of a single chip that will do that kind of voltage and current; you can look at our motor drivers such as this one for an alternative. We also have motor controllers that could provide that sort of power and do additional control (e.g. direct connection to USB or other control source).

Your AC to DC converter sounds very inefficient. I am not sure if you really know what you are doing; if you do not, I think you would be much better off just buying the appropriate DC power supply.

- Jan

is this bad idea?
What i mean;

Going to the full bridge is definitely better, but the output quality is going to be pretty bad. Maybe that does not matter for your application. Still, it seems kind of weird going this route when you could probably just use some old laptop power adapter. If you are working with wall power or other dangerous voltages, make sure you know what you are doing.

- Jan