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5/16" Square Shaft Adapter

I’m trying to find an adapter to connect an 8 mm NEMA 17 motor shaft to a 5/16 inch square shaft. I’ve found an 8 mm hub on the Pololu web site. I’d like to find a 5/16 inch shaft hub, and then connect the two hubs together. However, I’ve not found such a hub. If someone knows of such a hub, please direct me to it. Or if there is some other way to connect the 8 mm D-shaft to the 5/16 inch square shaft, that would be great as well.
Thank you very much,


Unfortunately, I do not know of any sources for hubs that fit 5/16" square shafts, and I do not have any alternative recommendations for connecting a square shaft like that to the 8mm D-shaft on your stepper motor.

- Patrick

Thank you for the response. No one else seems to have them either. So you’re not alone.