I recently purchased one of this : dagurobot.com/goods.php?id=60

I’m facing some problems with it. I’m trying to use the L293D motor driver to drive the motors. The L293D allows me to control direction of rotation of the motors.

In order to turn left, I’ve configured the left wheels to move backwards, while the right wheels move forward. Sort of like a tank. However, the chassis seems to stay stationary.

How may i overcome this? How much voltage/current is advisable to supply to the L293D (which drives the motor)? It can take anything from 3-36V.

Is the 4WD Kit even designed to be able to turn?

Thank you


According to the product page you linked to, the voltage range is 6-9V with a 7.2 Li-battery being recommended. Have you tried running the wheels with the chassis suspended to make sure it is doing what you expect?

- Grant