4WD sumobot

Just posted a video on Youtube showing a 6" Pololu-component robot tossing a Solarbotics Sumobot out of the ring like a toy. Whee!

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Hah, that was very one-sided! Thanks for sharing. Can you tell us more about your bot?

- Ben

Why, sure. It’s running with a 324P controller, four 100:1 micro-metal motors and four 60mm Pololu wheels (in basic black; that goes with everything). On the nose is an 1/8"-thick aluminum ram plate topped by a maximally-tight-beam Sharp optical range finder. The whole thing is powered by eight NIMH AA’s fastened into holders mounted to the bottom plate, keeping the center of gravity way down below the wheel axles. It weighs in at about 1.3 lbs and is 6"x6", with the wheels right there at the corners. The motors on each side are wired in parallel with their partner.

Next bot, more pics. :slight_smile:

Is it in the 500g minisumo category or sumo category?

wow nice!