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499:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx58L mm LP 6V


I just wondering, is there 3mm D-shaft for this motor?


Hi, SeL.

We do not have any stock versions available with 3 mm D-shafts, but we might be able to customize them that way for you if you are looking for them in high volume. Please email us if this is something you want to pursue further. If you are only looking for few units, can you tell me why you are asking?

- Ben

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your respond.

What is the minimum quantity that I have to order then you can customise for me?

I am going to use these for my pump heads.


The order total would probably need to be at least a few thousand dollars for a customization like this. If that is the scale of thing you are considering, please email us to pursue this further.

Alternatively, would using a shaft adapter be an option for you, or are your pump heads already designed for 3mm D shafts?

- Ben