48v DC to 1.8v DC

I was looking at 24V10Fx 1.8v regulator (2840). The max input is 32v. What’s the best way to take 48V DC to 1.8V DC. Is there something I could put before the D24V10Fx 1.8v regulator (2840) to drop the voltage to 32v or less?

Thanks for the help!

Hello, Dan.

We do not have any regulators that can handle 48V and do not have any recommendations where you might find some like that. You could try searching on the Internet for a high-voltage regulator that meets your requirements. If you find a regulator that can step-down the voltage from 48V to less than 32V, you could use our D24V5F1 regulator to source the output voltage to your system.

By the way, we are interested in knowing more about your project. What are you trying to do that requires you to step-down 48V to 1.8V?

- Amanda

How much current do you need? An adjustable linear regulator like the LM350 only cares about the delta in voltage, not the absolute voltage.


Thus, you could regulate the input 48V down to about 30V by adjusting it appropriately. Use 250 Ohm out-to-sense, and 7.2 kOhm from sense to ground.
But if you need significant current, the dissipation will kill that idea. Even with 100 mA, dropping 18V will dissipate 1.8W, which will likely need a heat sink on a TO-220 part.