42x19mm wheels. What is the extension?

Okay, I like these wheels and would like to make a mini sumo with them.


My concern however, is motor selection. In particular, how far beyond the shaft do these wheels extend? Because this will reduce the length of the motor I may use. Its nice that the wheels actually go over the motor some (on the inside), but I was curious how far they extend out.

With the mini sumo, two motors will be back to back, so to stay under the 100mm limit, the limit on my motor length is 50 - extension.

Any idea? The pictures or specs don’t show it (or at least as far as I could tell).

Thanks in advance.


The tires extend about 4mm past the the end of the motor shaft (with the end of the motor shaft flush with the wheel hub). From the motor leads to the outside edge of the tire the total length is about 40mm.


Thanks Emily, thats exactly what I needed.