4 Wheel motor control for R-Pi Bot

Hey guys I have searched for hours online for a schematic / project plans to build a 6V, with a stall current ~2A motor control circuit to support a Raspberry Pi controlled bot that will use 4 Pololu 25D mm metal gear motors to drive its 4 wheels.

After researching motor controls in general I would like to build the motor control circuit using an L298 IC; however, I am open to any components / information that will meet the project needs.

Advice on where to find usable schematics or project plans would be greatly appreciated.


The project is to build a robot from scratch - platform (acrylic) and all circuits that I can, as well as support equipment such as a variable DC power supply and NiHM battery charge in one project box.

The power supply and charger phase of the project are in the parts purchasing stage, and soon will move to the bread-board phase.

With that in mind I have begun planning bot build-out using the following bot specs:

3lbs max weight at full build-out
0.85ft/s-s acceleration
~ 20d incline
~ 2.625in wheels
~ 65% efficiency


I would not recommend you build a motor control circuit using the L298. The L298 is dated and there are better options for motor driver ICs. You should consider using a more modern, MOSFET-based driver like the VNH5019 or our dual VNH5019 shield. Alternatively, instead of building your own motor control circuit, you might be interested in using one of our simple motor controllers such as the SMC 18v7 to control your motors.

- Amanda