4 Channel RC Servo Multiplexer, 2 questions

HI everyone, I’ve got a 4 channel RC servo multiplexer all set up and ready to go but I have two questions please…

What is the failsafe jumper for? I can’t find any info on it.

Can I pull power from the master pos(+) and grnd over to the slave pos(+) and grnd using the pads on the bottom of the board? Is there some other way that would be better? I’d like to pass power through the board to power the slave receiver.

Thanks! When it’s all set up I’ll share what I’ve been up to with it.


Hello, Bart.

I talked to you earlier today on the phone, but I’ll answer your questions again below for anyone else who might be wondering the same thing.

The FAILMODE jumper determines the output behavior when the RC signal on the SEL channel is lost or invalid. You can find information about the FAILMODE jumper on the Pololu 4-Channel RC Servo Multiplexer product page or in the “4-Channel RC Servo Multiplexer” section of the “RC Switch User’s Guide”.

The GND pads should all be connected through the board already. If you wanted to power the VS rail by adding a jumper from the VM rail, you could add it on the bottom of the board. Alternatively, if you have a spare master servo channel, you could use a servo cable to jump the power to the VS and GND pins that do not have a signal pin with them (next to the S1 pin). You might also consider using something like a Y splitter cable to power the VM and VS rail from the same device by connecting it to the same VS and GND pins next to S1.