3rd Analog Input for 3PI

Hey all,

Im currently using two IR sensors to sense distance on my 3PI, and am looking to add a third one. Im already using ports 5 and 7, and was wondering how I could change a 3rd port to analog input. Is this possible with the 3pi? And also, what would I be sacrificing in order to get this?


I took out the jumper for ADC6 and attempted to use it, seems fine… If any problems arise I will post questions!


It sounds like you are making somthing similar to this wall follower sample project.

Here is a note from the project:

Since you are using PC5, I recommend calling the pololu_3pi_init_disable_emitter_pin(unsigned int line_sensor_timeout) function instead of the regular init function. More information about this can be found in the 3pi command reference.