3PI with Bluetooth communication

Hi Team
we are using pololu 3PI robot library for our robot
We do not use LCD
we are using Arduino uno

unsigned int position = robot.readLine(sensors, IR_EMITTERS_ON);

So we need to see the position value of the above code

We are paling to connect the Bluetooth module and send the position value via rx tx pin and receive to the another Bluetooth module

Can you please advise about the library file that we need to add “libpololu-arduino” folder

Thanks in advanced


I moved your post to the Robots section of our forum since it sounds like it is about the 3pi robot. However, it is not entirely clear to me what you are doing from your description. If you are using Arduino, you should just use the Serial library.

If that does not answer your question, could you be more specific about what you are trying to do and include as many details as you can.


Thanks for the reply Bran

We are making a robot for competition in university
We are using “libpololu-arduino” library
We are using Arduino uno and USBasp - USB programmer to upload code
We need to read the some values during the robot follow the rack
in otherward we need to communicate with robot during the robot is following the track
So we are planning to use Bluetooth module ( HC05) communicate with robot

so we need help Bluetooth communication between robot and another Bluetooth module

Hoped you can understand now
Please advice
Thanks in advanced

Unfortunately, we do not have any resources specific to adding Bluetooth to a 3pi Robot. However, Bluetooth modules like that typically act as a wireless serial link, so from the 3pi’s side you would just need to send serial commands to it after they are connected.


Is there any library to add libpololu-arduino folder that we can communicate with 3pi and any command

Since you keep mentioning the libpololu-arduino, it sounds like you are using the Arduino software to program the 3pi. You should not add anything to the libpololu-arduino folder. Instead, you should just use the Serial library that is already part of the Arduino IDE.


Or Nice… Is that so

I will check and update on Saturday

Thanks for the information