3pi wireless question

I have to do a robot for a class project. I already bought the 3pi and write my own code for maze solving and it works quite well. Now, since i already finished the project that is due for the end of the year, I want to add a wireless function to my 3pi and I don’t know were to start and how to do it. I have a some questions:
Can I work my maze solving code and control wirelessly the robot with a laptop?
What to I need to buy?
Is it possible to do it with a mac?

Thank you very much for your help


One approach for wireless control is to use Wixels as a wireless serial bridge between your computer and your 3pi, then write a program on your 3pi that responds to serial commands. The Wixel is a 3.3V device, so you will have to get the level-shifting correct if you want the 3pi to be sending back information. Suppport for Wixels on the mac is kind of limited right now: the Configuration Utility is not supported on Mac.

- Ryan