3pi users guide - Portable format

Hello 3pi users -

I’m one of those guys that tends to haul around printed copies of my software manuals, that way when the next great algorithm comes to mind, I can check it out. I recently recieved one of those “I’d never buy it for myself” gifts - an Amazon kindle (electronic book reader). It didn’t take long to realize that it would provide a great way to haul around the manuals that I currently carry in paper form. After checking with the Pololu team, I have ported the 3pi users guide as a first effort.

The two attached files are ready to be loaded via the the kindle’s USB port into the documents folders.
Pololu 3pi Robot Users Guide_802922EE.prc (607 KB)Pololu 3pi Robot Users Guide_802922EE.mbp (264 Bytes)

The files will also work on Pocket PCs and Palm pilots with the free mobipocket reader software:
I’ve loaded the files on both my IPAQ RX3115 PPC and Palm Zire 72, and find the readability to be pretty good - It’s just a lot of screens!

If there’s any intrest, I’ll post the other files as I convert the other 3 pi related docs.


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Very cool! Thanks for sharing this!

- Ben