3pi USB programmer fails

Got an issue at the last minute - before the 3pi gets wrapped up for Christmas for my grandson.
Any help most appreciated. I think this is similar to what others have experienced and posted,
but so far the work arounds don’t work so any further suggestions appreciated.

  1. USB programmer was working fine between laptop USB port Com 4 and 3pi.
    On several occasions I was able to modify and download code to 3pi.

  2. Following a successful attempt with the 3pi and USB programmer still connected,
    download failed to start. See error code below.

Yellow light was blinking indicating all was
well. Display on 3pi was reading 4834 mV. Utility program was still
set to 4.384 min voltage and I think 5.3 V max. ISP frequency was set to 1500kHz.

  1. When things failed I got an error code,
    Write failed: 0x2, not sure what this means.

  2. Using utility I retried lowering ISP frequency to 200kHz and even 4kHz but problem /error code remained the same. I also changed to new batteries. 3pi display shows 5.073 V. but still same problem/error code.

Any help most appreciated,


Hello, Dennis.

I am sorry you are having problems programming your grandon’s 3pi. What was the last program you loaded onto your 3pi? What does the robot do when you power it on? Could you post screenshots of your errors from both Atmel Studio and the USB AVR Programmer Configuration Utility?

- Jeremy