3pi Unexpected Signature Problem

I need some serious help; I haven’t been able to get my 3pi to work for two weeks. Every time I try to program to the 3pi, I get an error saying that AtmelStudio 7.0 was unable to start my debugging session. This is what it looks like: prntscr.com/9xh6gk

The drivers I have are the COM3 and COM4 but I don’t know what the COM3 does. It never connects with my device at all, while the COM4 at least tries. My program (a template) builds fine. I have been looking all over for answers but I haven’t found anything at all. I’ve tried everything here: pololu.com/docs/0J36/8

I really don’t know what to do at this point. Any other results I found online had some other signature problems and didn’t help me at all.

Have you ever been able to program your 3pi successfully? Are you using our AVR programmer? If so, can you post a screen capture of the “USB AVR Programmer Configuration Utility” right after a failed attempt to program? If you are using a Windows computer, can you post screen capture of your device manager with the programmer plugged in? Also, can you post a screen capture of the “Available Tools” in Atmel Studio? You can see the available tools by choosing the “Available Atmel Tools” option in the “View” drop-down menu.


Edit: I just noticed from the error that it looks like it is expecting to get the signature for an ATmega168A, but the 3pi uses the ATmega328P. Can you double check that you have ATmega328P selected?

Oh my it wasn’t set for the 328B which I remember I was going to change when I first started using it since I didn’t know if it was right or the 168… thank you very much!