3pi target voltage wrong


i used the 3pi (328p) with the avr usb programmer. 2 month ago
it worked perfectly fine and i could wrote a small programm on the
controller of the 3pi.

but now this message (fehler1.png) appears and i dont know what to do.

tried to 2 things:

  1. full charged accus, checked with voltmeter approx. 5.3 V
  2. constant power supply unit 5 V

could u help me?


What happens when you turn the 3pi on? Do the LEDs light up, etc.?

when i turn on the 3pi.the two blue leds at the bottom turn on and
the 3pi makes what i wrote in the program.

Then, is the error message the only problem? If not, it would help if you provided more details.

the errormessage is the main problem

the other thing is that one vertical line of the display doesnt work anymore…
there is probably a connection.but i dont see it?

since my pc doesnt see recognize the 3pi the display is broken as well.

Hi, Thomas.

From the photo, it seems like your display is printing data. Do you currently have a running program working on your 3pi?

- Zeeshan

yes.i can run a program when i turn on the 3pi.

Hello Thomas,

Could you double check that the 3pi is powered on when you try to upload your program? If you still receive the error, could you open the Pololu USB AVR Configuration Utility and post a screen capture of it?