3pi Robots, not just for people

It’s been quite hectic at work lately, so I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I would have liked playing with my 3pi. I’m not the only one who’s sad about this though, my cats are enjoying the 3pi almost as much as I am:

Turtle (the cat) Inspects a 3pi

They’re still in the cautious, “what the heck is that” phase, which will soon turn into the much more aggressive “what the heck is that, and is that good to eat?” phase. I just picked up a set of rechargeable batteries, and I should have some free time soon, so I may have to start shutting the door when I want to work on it!

On an unrelated note, while electrical tape is great for setting up semi-permanent line courses, I’ve found that scribbling out lines of about the same width (3/4") with a dry-erase marker is a great way to make a testing course that you can change easily. If you give it a minute to dry out it won’t smudge off on the wheels. This works well on a marker board, and even on a smooth desktop, just make sure it will clean off before you go too crazy! Speaking of cleaning, you will want to erase old lines well (probably with cleaning solution), as the reflectance sensors are surprisingly sensitive.