3pi robot turns off when PD0 pin is active


I am using an Arduino development board to give commands to the 3pi robot via serial. However, whenever I connected anything to the PD0 pin (I am only having the robot receive instructions, so the TX pin is not needed), the robot turns off. I tried everything from using a fresh set of batteries, to powering it using a 5V source, to making sure that my circuit wasn’t shorted. Can anyone offer me any further insight into why this is happening?


Are you sure you don’t have that pin set up as an output? You can check by measuring the pin voltage while connecting it through a large resistor (~10k) to power and then to ground. If the pin is an input, you should see the voltage get to 0 and 5V; if you see it just one way or the other, the pin is probably set up as an output.

If that isn’t it, can you post some pictures of your setup?

- Jan