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I when through the 3PI robot simplified schismatics diagram and found that it has Vboost 9v regulator which supply line sensor voltage as well as motor driver
I mean same supply for both inductive load and linear supply ( Sensor ) . I believe at the motor stating it takes high current which dropped sensor voltage that result wrong line reading but I know that 3PI practical performance at 100% efficiency



It sounds like you are suggesting putting a more powerful regulator on the 3pi because you are having an issue with voltage to the sensor dropping when the motors pull too much current. Is that the case?


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I no have idea about 3PI PCB GND planes. but I would like to suggest that implementation the practical point of view and what do you think about in the point of theory


It still is not clear to me what you are suggesting.


Little old tread

For Motors and sensors are driven by the same voltage regulator which may be sensor voltage reduced when motors are running which resulting wrong sensor reading

Could you describe what behavior you are observing that makes you think this issue is occurring on your 3pi?


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I assume in my 3pi robot when battery voltage drooped at certain level the robot is going wrong way

Most honestly , I think by supplying 9v with separate power regulator for sensor which will be improve the 3pi performance even low battery voltage

Note . I remember in the college of education the lectures were advising that inductive load and instrumentation circuit should isolate each other for better performance