3pi robot+ SRF08 sonar

Please, I need program for 3pi robot, which ensure, that my robot turn around own axis and extract from 4 things, and then go to nearest of this things. It is possible pls? I need this program for my exam. Thanks for any advice.


Have you connected the SRF08 and the 3pi yet? Can you provide a wiring schematic or picture to us? Have you written the I2C code to get the data from your SRF08?

In general, you need to ask more specific questions. We can’t do your problem for you; it’s your exam.

- Ryan

So, I use SRF08 as sonar, which scan this 4 things, can you help me with program, with the aid of this program my robot turn around and check this thing. I´m asking for program, not for actual problem, because I dont know this stage (area). THX


As Ryan said, we will not do your exam for you. Please let us know if you would like help in understanding how to write this program for yourself.

- Ben

I told you, that I´m not good in this area. Can you send me any links, where I find some similar program? PLS

It is unlikely that a similar enough program exists to suit your needs, but if all you want is a canned program, your best bet is to use google, or maybe you can get one of your classmates to give you his code.

If you’re so bad in this area that you won’t accept any help less than a program custom-written for you, why are you in this class in the first place? Haven’t you learned anything that can help you with this exam?

- Ben