3pi robot / not running and powered off

Hello! After I finished programming the 3pi-linefollower into 3pi robot ATmega328P with selecting the Memories section and clicking the Program button of Atmel Studio 6 until seeing the text appear all “OK”. Then, I pressed the switch of robot powered on and laid on the electrical black tape pasted on white poster board.

Afterwards, I pressed the BUTTON _B, the 3pi robot would rotate a little bit in the right and stopped and powered off.

I tried to make many times until changing the file to 3pi-linefollower-pid, but it’s the same symptom. Please help me guide to solve this so that the robot will run on line.

Thank you / Chalard

Hello, Chalard.

I am sorry you are having trouble with your 3pi. Have you tried putting fresh batteries into your robot? The motors on the 3pi can draw a lot more power than the microcontroller and old batteries might only provide enough power to run the microcontroller.