3pi Robot Controled by Arduino

I need to connect a arduino Mega 2560 to the 3pi robot but i have a problem: I can not find the pins in the 3pi with ATMega328p: PD5, PD3, These are in the table in pololu.com/docs/0J17/2.c And to configure the car with arduino I need to conet with a wire those pins. In another case can you explain me how to connect arduino to 3pi and use the codes that pololu page show us.?


If you are trying to connect your Arduino Mega to your 3pi, I would not use pins PD5 and PD3 since the 3pi uses them to control its motors. It would probably be easier to use the USART pins (PD0 and PD1) on the 3pi to communicate serially with your Arduino Mega. You could refer to the “Serial slave program” section of the 3pi user’s guide for more information on how to send commands to control the 3pi.

I am not sure what you are trying to do, but if you could explain it better, I might be able to make more suggestions.

- Amanda