3pi repair


I crashed my 3pi.
2 mistakes … during debugging via serial line I connected ground not die 3pi ground but PB3.
I guess by that I destroy the pin driver.
To check if the driver is still working I load 3pi demo programm …and by that the 3pi jumped off the
table …lost 1 IR sensor, the roller coster and a battery jumped out.

Now I can not flash the 3pi any more. Reading the flash and eeprom seems to work.
Any hint what could be demaged?

LCD first line is light gray. (I think I´ve seen that before if LCD is not initialized)
blue LEDs are shining.
green LED is dimmed.

How much would a repair cost?

öhm … do not know exactly what the solution has been …but I reduced the ISP frequence to 1.5 KHz …
did not solve the problem …some strange timeouts with the programmer and a reboot of the
windows box
ereasing without programming …
and than try it again …piep …my toy is back …
…not sure if it is realy made for “Grobmotoriker” like me.

solder the IR …and now everything is fine …including the motor.
the whole storry is a bit strange …why flashing the 3pi-demo prog switched the motors on?
3pi stuxnet?

HW extensions wishlist:

  1. a shelf to protect the 3pi a bit
  2. a parking frame for tests and debuging
  3. replacable 328p ( is there a small socket?)
  4. powersupply from USB // could have been this standard problem? they have been on 4.5V (NiMH)


Sorry to hear your 3pi got damaged. Please contact us by email referring to this forum thread and we will see what we can do.

- Ryan

Hi Ryan,

thanks for the offer. But see my own reply above
…I manage to fix it.

Here the first proto type of the 3πls extension kit. …ls = long stable
(you might read it as 3Pils)
patent pending :wink:

and now the real destiny of the 3pi gets clear