3pi remote control

Anyone working to remote control your 3pi??

I have a bluetooth module working with the RS-232 slave program and have an Android terminal program that will spit out the needed HEX code, rather crude but it works.

I need some help getting started with either an Android app or a C program that will allow ‘remote control’ using arrow keys, tilting the phone, etc, or a C program that works with my netbook.

I have the cool mbed add-on but am waiting until later to hook it up with the 3pi. I don’t seem much 3pi activity on the mbed.org site so far.

I think what I need is a ‘terminal shell example program’ that I can P&M (plagurize & modify) to add the steering and control parts.

Comments appreciated. Bo

Hello, Bo. Several people have been making remote-controlled 3pi robots:

mbed.org/users/kanpapa/notebook/ … _keyboard/


Maybe you will find some useful information in there!

(I found most of these by searching the 3pi section of the forum for “remote”, and by looking on our Community Projects page.)


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Thanks so much for your efforts. I had found several of those links previously, but missed the rest.
The robot racing project is exactly what I want to do, I’m just a few years late getting started. BUT I couldn’t find any of the software anywhere. Or email addresses or names to Google.
The one Chinese program may be a good starting point for me. (without the Chinese part of course)

I looked at all the Robot Racing pages and links and couldn’t find any code. Can you help me once again?



Which project is “robot racing”?


It was another video from the same guy that had the android bluetooth control (first link you sent).
His ‘name’ is mbedit and I was able to send him a message on YouTube. Hopefully he will come to my rescue. :slight_smile:

Thanks again,


Ah, OK. I believe mbedit stands for mbed IT. That video you are referring to is about the original m3pi shield, which was actually developed by the mbed team so they could show off the mbed at ARM Techcon 2010. They did have a working Android app for controlling the 3pi over bluetooth, so maybe they would be willing to share it.