3pi power removed during programming

Hello all, I hope you can help with this newbie problem.
I just received my 3pi and have gone through the first exercise, building the flashing LED program and programming my 3pi with it. The 3pi red led flashed as expected :slight_smile:
Obviously unwisely, while the programmer was connected, I powered down the 3pi. Don’t ask me why, I just did.
State of the 3pi now:
switches on and off, two blue power LEDs still glow and the red LED continues to flash at the 100ms on, 900ms off as dictated by the flashLED first program.
The display, however, instead of asking me to press button ‘B’ is a half-tone on the top line and blank on the bottom.
Have I done any damage? How do I recover from my ill-advised action?
Many thanks. (Be gentle, its obviously my first visit here :slight_smile:

It seems that I can still download and run programs on my 3pi (I modified the flashing LED program and downloaded it. The results were as I expected of the program) So perhaps I have just corrupted or deleted the demo program the 3pi ships with?
Regards all and TIA

Correct. The 3pi can only store one program at a time. The only reason the LCD continued to display words after you programmed the 3pi is because the LCD has its own memory that does not get cleared when a new program is uploaded to the 3pi.


Thanks David. That’s a relief. I have seen it said in many places (including written on the outside of the 3pi box) that losing power during programming could permanently disable the 3pi. I feared I had stumbled into this area. I don’t understand why this would be so dangerous.