3pi power management

Can some one explain to me the purpose of the 10uH inductor and the 5v zener diode in the 3pi power management?
also how which formula was used to calculate the values for the above?


The inductor labeled L2 in the 3pi schematic is for the AVCC pin of the AVR on the 3pi. The Zener diode in conjunction with the blue LED helps us determine how much voltage is being supplied by the boost regulator circuit. If there is not at least 5V supplied, the LED will not come on. The value for the inductor is taken directly from the ATmega328P datasheet.

- Jeremy

thanks for the reply, i had another question in regards to the TB6612FNG, i am not clear on the 1A, is that per channel or just 1A total? my motors have stall current of 1.3A but they will never reach stall, on the tests ive done, they consume around .8A each under load

The 1 A continuous current rating is per channel. You can find more information in the TB6612FNG datasheet. You might also find the information on our TB6612FNG dual motor driver carrier’s product page helpful.

- Jeremy