3pi or m3pi CAD Models anyone?

I’m looking for existing CAD models of the 3pi and/or m3pi robots.

I saw that the question had been posed in mid-july of 2011, and pololu had responded that they’re working on it;
but i haven’t found anything.

Is anyone else interested in this? Has anyone worked on it?



Hi, Ali.

Unfortunately, we do not have any 3D models of those products at this time, and I do not think anyone has worked on it. I was not able to find the question you were referring to. Could you post a link to it?

- Ryan

Any updates on this?


We still do not have the 3D model for the 3pi or m3pi. We are currently working on getting 3D models of our products on the website, but we do not have a timetable for when we will have model for those products. Is there something in particular you want to use the models for?

- Grant

I wanted to do some swarm robots simulations on V-REP but couldn’t find the m3pi available in VREP library so I have to import it myself.

Any work in progress or any updates ??

While we are making progress on getting up 3D models for our products, we still do not have the models for the 3pi or m3pi, unfortunately.


Any updates on this now?
I’m looking forward to it.
Thank you!


Unfortunately, we still do not have 3D models for the 3pi or m3pi. Can you tell me what you want to do with them?


I just want to use the v-rep to get the best PID parameters about the 3pi robot