3pi + Object detected robot

Dear Pololu team
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We are planing to design a object detected maze robot using 3pi code + object detected code for robot competition and it has to pick the object by gripper and bring it to distention

Please advice to buy good gripper what you available

Object size is 7cm x 7cm x 7cm

please advice code available

also mention that you have slimier robot to buy

Please advice


We do not sell a gripper like that and we do not have any suggestions for where you might find one. Also, any code would depend on the specific gripper and on the application in which you are using it.


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Dear Nathanb

Thank you for advice and info

Please advice what are the available pololu object detected sensor that we can use for our robot composition

Please advice that Zumo 32U4 Front Sensor Array include Ir proximity sensors ?

Your prompt reply in this regard is highly appreciated

Thanks in advance

We have a lot of proximity and range finder sensors that might be useful for an application like that, however there are tradeoffs between them and the best one to use will depend on the details of your application. You can find all of those sensors in the Proximity Sensors and Range Finders category on our web site and we have descriptions for them on their individual product pages.

Our Zumo 32U4 robot does have an IR proximity sensor system. The receivers for the system are located on the front sensor array board.


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