3pi not working

Hi, i bought a 3 pi robot today. i was trying programming it with usbtiny. Then suddenly, the display started showing square characters. It shows the same characters every time i turn it on , and does not do anything else or take any commands.

since i bought today, i will be glad to get some support from u.



I am sorry you are having trouble with the LCD on your 3pi. It sounds like you are just getting started; was the LCD ever working for you? If you have not already, can you try running our demo code? If you downloaded our AVR C/C++ Library, that program should be located in “libpololu-avr/examples/atmega328p/3pi-demo-program”. (You can find instructions on how to download our AVR C/C++ Library in our AVR C/C++ Users Guide, which you can find under the Resources tab of the 3pi’s product page.)

If you are still seeing those square characters when running the demo program, can you try adjusting the contrast potentiometer on the underside of the 3pi?

By the way, I would also recommend making sure the 3pi’s batteries are charged before programming as losing power during programming could permanently disable your 3pi.


Thank you Tony, for your kind reply. I believe this is indeed the case. While uploading my program, somehow the programmer cables loosened. Is, here no way to re-boot the atmega chip, with the three pie software.

Can you read the device ID of the 3pi? If so it is possible that you just have a corrupted program instead of a permanently disabled 3pi. Can you try running our demo program with new or fully charged batteries and letting me know the results?


Hello Tony, hope you are a having a good time.
Yes, indeed you were correct.The problems caused by a corrupt program.Now, everything is working fine.
Thanks again.

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