3pi motor spec


I was reading manual and spec for 3pi motor. Could you please tell me which motor do you use for 3pi.
Is it 993 (your part number) ?


Yes, the 3pi robot uses the #993 30:1 gearmotor.


Posting to this old thread since I need to replace a broken 3pi motor.

The user guide (https://www.pololu.com/docs/0J21/5.c) indicates the 3pi motor specs are:
Ratio 30:1, Free run speed: 700rpm, Free run current: 60mA, Stall torque: 6 oz-in, Stall current: 540mA

However, item #993 (https://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/993) specs look to be:
Ratio 30:1, Free run speed: 440rpm, Free run current: 40mA, Stall torque: 4 oz-in, Stall current: 360mA

This is a significant variation and I can’t replace just one of the motors without introducing issues. Am I missing something here? Did the #993 specs change?

Thanks, Z

Hi, Z.

The specifications did not change. The motors on the 3pi run at 9.25 V. The specs you quoted from the #993 product page are at 6 V.