3pi Maze robot Auto-calibration turn off

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The following code for calibration process of the 3pi robot. I have to put my 3pi robot to robot competition so I have to complete the task at least time. When I start the the 3pi switch it starts the calibration process but it consume the competition time So please advice to remove the auto calibration process and add manual calibration before press the stat switch

 // Auto-calibration: turn right and left while calibrating the
  // sensors.
  for (counter=0; counter<80; counter++)
    if (counter < 20 || counter >= 60)
      OrangutanMotors::setSpeeds(40, -40);
      OrangutanMotors::setSpeeds(-40, 40);


From the code snippet, it looks like you are using our Simple3piMazeSolver sketch example from our AVR Library. Can you be more specific about how you want to manually calibrate your 3pi robot’s sensors?

Depending on the rules of your competition, you could bring a sample course with you to the competition and calibrate the 3pi on it there. Then, without turning the 3pi off, run it on the actual course by pressing the ‘B’ button. This way you do not have to make any modifications to the example code. If you are not allowed to bring a sample course, you could store the calibration results in EEPROM then read the calibration data from EEPROM during the competition. You might find the code in this post useful.

- Amanda