3pi:- libpololu.a; no other *.a files


I have window-xp and did not find any problem in installing following programs.
AVR Studio 4.18 [atmel.com/avrstudio/]

Below paragraph is from 3pi User Guide. I do not have any previous installation.
I can only find libpololu.a. I cannot find any other *.a file.
I have looked in both directories. libpololu-avr-081209 and libpololu-avr-081209.src.
Could you please advice me what I should be copying into WinAvr?

Manual installation (optional: if the above instructions do not work)
Determine the location of your avr-gcc files. In Windows, they will usually be in a folder such as:
If you currently have an older version of the Pololu AVR Library, your first step should be to delete all of the old include files and the libpololu.a file that you installed previously.
Next, copy all of the libpololu_atmegaxx8.a files into the lib subdirectory of your avr directory (e.g.
C:\WinAVR-20080610\avr\lib). Note that there is also a lib subdirectory directly below the main WinAVR directory; it will not work to put libpololu_atmegaxx8.a here.
Finally, copy the entire pololu subfolder into the include subfolder. The Pololu include files should now be located in avr\include\pololu.

You have a very old version of the Pololu AVR Library.

Please download the latest version (libpololu-avr-101104.zip) from our website, from the link at the top of this page:

–David Grayson