3pi Launch Fail

i have problem with 3pi I have try to upload program to 3pi but i cannot it have error message
Lanch Fail
X Fail to lanch program
Error.Failed to start program session before chip erase with eeprom
preserve:Failed to enter programming mode .ispEnterProgMode.Error status
recieved .Got 0xcp ,expected 0x00 (Command has failed to execute on the tool)


Did your 3pi Robot ever work with the pre-installed Demo program? Can you provide more details about what you are doing and what equipment you are using for programming? Are you using the instructions in the “Programming in Windows with Atmel Studio” section of the “Pololu AVR Programming Quick Start Guide”? If so, at which step do you get that error? Also, is the 3pi Robot powered when you are trying to program it?