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3pi Expansion Kits


We are pleased to introduce two expansion kits for the 3pi robot: a version with cutouts that allows you to view the LCD below and access the power button, reset button, and ISP programming header on the base; and a version without cutouts that replaces the LCD and provides access to additional I/O lines and extra prototyping space.

These kits make it easier to augment your 3pi robot with your own custom electronics, such as extra sensors, LEDs, and servo-driven mechanisms. You can even add a second microcontroller or microcontroller board, such as a Baby Orangutan, Basic Stamp, or Arduino Nano, to interface with your additional electronics and control the 3pi base via serial commands. We will soon be releasing a serial slave program for the 3pi that will allow another microcontroller to read the 3pi’s sensor values and control its hardware using a simple serial protocol.

- Ben