3Pi expansion area pinout

Hi all,

the Zumo 32U4 documentation features a nice graphic about the expansion area pinout Zumo expansion area pinout. I’m currently desperately searching for a comparable document for the 3Pi. All I could find in the user manual were some hints about additional I/O and some descriptions for the expansion board. However, I’d like to know exactly where all of the pins of both of the 2x7 connectors are wired to.

Does anybody have an idea where I can find this information? I’m sorry if this is documented somewhere and I was just unable to find it.

Thanks in advance!


We do not have the same expansion area graphic for the 3pi robot as we do for the Zumo 32U4. However, the “Pin Assignment Tables” section of the “Pololu 3pi Robot User’s Guide” has some pictures with pins marked and a pinout chart which can be used together to get the same kind of information. Additionally, the silk screen on the 3pi has most of those pins labeled as well.



there’s exactly what I searched for in this 3Pi expansion pinout image on this shopping website. It’s really helpful if you want to use the pins normally occupied by the LCD screen. :slight_smile:

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