3pi dead on arrival

I received my 3pi this week, downloaded the user guide, inserted four brand new AAA alkaline batteries, soldered in the three optional LEDs, and pushed the power on button. The 3pi in response emitted a short buzz, flashed the 9.25 VBoost blue LED, and that was it. No other sign of life. Am I doing something wrong or is it really just DOA? If the latter, how do I get a replacement that works? Are the units tested prior to shipping?

After checking the four batteries with a DVM, it turned out that one was a dud. I replaced it and now after I press the power on switch, I get short buzz, the 9.25 VBoost blue LED is lit and stays lit, and the optional green power LED comes on. Nothing else. Pressing the reset button results in a buzz and no more. Nothing on the LCD screen, not even backlighting. Am puzzled.


Did you always plug your LCD in the correct way?

- Ryan

Sure did. Anode (longer lead) to the plus-marked hole. But let me unsolder them just to be sure.

Well, I don’t know how I did it, but I sure soldered one of the diodes in the wrong way. Comedy of errors, tonight, but now all is well… My apologies to everyone reading this thread. Maybe I need a little time off.

I didn’t say LED, I said LCD… Also, I would not recommend desoldering components from a PCB unless you have a lot of experience with it. It is a lot harder than soldering, and you can check an LED just by looking at it, you don’t need to desolder it.

- Ryan

Thanks, Ryan. The LCD was fine and now with the optional LES unsoldered and replaced all is well. Thanks.


I’m glad to hear it’s working now. Thanks for letting us know what the problem ended up being.

- Ben