3PI controlled via PS3 controller master - slave via PC

hello together !

my project is finished :slight_smile:

i have developed from scratch a master - slave programm for the 3pi which enables you to control the 3pi via PC wirless or wired with an USB TTL RS232-R cable.

and here is the video enjoy it :slight_smile:


if you have questions please feel free to write to ertan.metin@arcor.de

This is awesome !

What type of hardware are you using ?

Will you be posting code ?

hello !

today i will post all included files which is belonging to this project

  • slave programm

  • master programm

  • datasheet’s

  • pictures

regards Ertan


That’s a very cool project, Ertan; thanks for sharing it with us! Would it be okay if I embedded your youtube video in our 3pi videos page along with a link back to this thread?

- Ben