3pi Compile Errors

I have a computer that is running Windows 7, has the Pololu library installed, and I am using AVR Studio 4. I wrote a quick program to turn the robot, and I can’t see any errors. But when I build it, I get this:

rm -rf 3pitest.o  3pitest.elf dep/* 3pitest.hex 3pitest.eep 3pitest.lss 3pitest.map
Build succeeded with 0 Warnings...
avr-gcc  -mmcu=atmega328p -Wall -gdwarf-2 -std=gnu99 -Os -funsigned-char -funsigned-bitfields -fpack-struct -fshort-enums -MD -MP -MT 3pitest.o -MF dep/3pitest.o.d  -c  ../3pitest.c
avr-gcc -mmcu=atmega328p -Wl,-Map=3pitest.map 3pitest.o     -o 3pitest.elf
3pitest.o: In function `main':
C:\Users\David\Desktop\3pi\3pitest\default/../3pitest.c:5: undefined reference to `set_motors'
C:\Users\David\Desktop\3pi\3pitest\default/../3pitest.c:6: undefined reference to `delay_ms'
C:\Users\David\Desktop\3pi\3pitest\default/../3pitest.c:7: undefined reference to `set_motors'
C:\Users\David\Desktop\3pi\3pitest\default/../3pitest.c:8: undefined reference to `delay_ms'
C:\Users\David\Desktop\3pi\3pitest\default/../3pitest.c:9: undefined reference to `set_motors'
make: *** [3pitest.elf] Error 1
Build failed with 5 errors and 0 warnings...

The program is:

#include <pololu/3pi.h>

int main(void)

If it helps, I have the whole project on my desktop. A zipped version of the file has been attached to this post.
Any help would be appreciated.
3pitest.zip (6.41 KB)


Thank you for the detailed explanation of your problem and for attaching your project files. It looks like you made the project from scratch (rather than using one of our example project files as a starting point), which requires you to perform some extra configuration steps to link in the Pololu AVR library. These steps are described in section 7 of the library user’s guide:


- Ben