3pi battery pin diagram

I was wondering if there was a pin diagram for how the batteries are connected? we have a setup currently where we cannot access the batteries on the 3pi very readily, and we have an external 4xAAA holder. We want to connect up the external battery pack we have setup to the robot, but we don’t want to run 8 wires into the robot and clip onto the existing battery contacts if possible, something more elegant is desired. Worst comes to worst, we will resort to running just + and - from each battery back into the battery contacts on the 3pi, but if there is a diagram for how to minimally connect up the batteries it would be greatly appreciated.


If you take a look at the 3pi schematic, you can see that one easy way to connect your battery pack would be via the charge port: the positive side of your holder would connect to the + terminal and the negative side would connect to the - terminal. Make sure you don’t have batteries in the 3pi’s holders when you connect your own pack.

Would this suffice, or did you want to solder directly to points where the 3pi’s battery holders connect to the PCB?

- Ben